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I'm Scott Tyrcha

Creative Manager & UX Designer

Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a Creative Manager & User Experience Designer with years of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design experience. I have a passion for eye-catching design and intuitive user experiences.

Currently, I live in the Milwaukee area and am a Senior UX Designer for National Business Furniture.

During my career I have held many different positions that required various skill sets. From starting my career in a printshop as a Pre-Press Technician at Modern Graphics Inc. to running successful email marketing programs for both &, I have always been able to adapt, learn new skills and succeed.

In my free time, I enjoy designing sports inspired tee shirts, passionately supporting the Chicago Bears, staying active and spending time with my family. I also like to spend time curating my Chicago Bears memorabilia collection that has been featured on the Inside The Bears TV show. Some of the collection can be viewed at

Want to talk? I can be reached for freelance opportunities, opinions on Chicago Bears memorabilia or just to chat by clicking here.


Don't just take my words for it ...

Scott is an asset to any team looking for a versatile designer. I had the pleasure of managing Scott for three years at eImprovement/Hausera, where he owned his development plan, and broadened his skill set . Scott’s has a great ability to handle multiple projects, yet is agile and able to switch focus quickly when needed. He is incredibly conscientious, open to feedback, and eager to deliver the most value for the business.

- Wesley Ward

VP of Marketing & Merchandising at

Scott Tyrcha was always a joy to collaborate with at eImprovement! Scott is a talented UX designer and marketer whose talents reach beyond design. He is always finding new ways to push the boundaries to create a stellar user experience across multiple channels. His creative work is grounded in brand strategy and his work ethic and professionalism are unsurpassed. If you are looking for a highly productive team player with a positive attitude and a deep skill set, Scott belongs on your team.

- Elaine Paque

eCommerce Marketing Director at eImprovement LLC

Great creative and website design is all about selling the dream. You have to match the vision or lifestyle that the customer is seeking. Scott always had exceptional design work for creatives such as email templates, website pages, templates, graphics; etc. His work met the customer's dreamy expectations. He was really an integral part of improving the image of the websites over the years to an upscale and curated shopping destination. He has passion for his craft and really cares about the quality of his work. He has a great demeanor and personality. Everybody enjoys having Tyrcha on the team. His skills are top notch and he is always staying current on the latest technologies and trends. Any organization would be lucky to have his caliber of talent on their creative team as he is highly recommended

- Michael J. Fox

President & CEO of eImprovement LLC

Great design should not only be visually appealing, but should achieve a strategic purpose. Often the latter is forgotten even though it’s the more important of the two. Scott’s designs do both extremely well and appear to come to him naturally. He’s consistent in his ability to deliver quality work, regardless of the quantity demanded of him. He’s also steady in his demeanor despite spikes in workload and stress. Scott is extremely patient, eager to share ideas and information, and a very fun person to work with.

- Karen Van Ert

Consultant & Owner at KVE Consulting LLC

Scott made a great addition to our web team, his design is top-notch and he has an amazing creative perspective. He knows how to transform promotional campaigns into exciting visual experiences for our customers. He is quick to discover the underlying objective for a project, even when it may not be clearly articulated in the brief, producing an effective marketing message at the first comp. Scott is very efficient, he can turn around a project very quickly while maintaining accuracy and creativity. He's a valuable asset on our team and all-around a great guy to work with!

- Lori Arndt

Lead Front-End Developer at eImprovement LLC

I can highly recommend Scott on both a professional and personal level. Scott is a great designer and was an amazing asset to our team. I worked with Scott for a while and he was always my go-to person when it came to complicated projects or demanding clients. I'm confident he will fit well on any team.

- Bob Prohaska

Design Department Manager at PowerSports Network

Professional Skills

The disciplines that I utilize

Graphic Design


UX / Web Design


Branding & Identity




Print Design / Pre-Press


Email Marketing


Graphic Designer

Self proclaimed Photoshop jockey

While being classically trained in print design, I have spent a majority of my career creating digital assets for marketing and advertising campaigns.

UX/Web Designer

Mastering the web since 1995

I cut my teeth as a web designer for Valparaiso University while also earning my Bachelor's in Graphic Design.

Email Marketing

It's not spam

Managed the email marketing program for which more than doubled in subscribership & total revenue over a 12 month period.