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category: Email Design

eFaucets Email Program

When I took over the email marketing program it had been on autopilot with minimal content updates. Also, the templates themselves were outdated and hadn't been updated to be mobile friendly. With minimal direction, I took it upon myself to redesign and code the new email templates. Using the online resource, Litmus, I tested the new templates to make sure they would appear as intended across all mobile and desktop email clients. Once tested, the template was used to send bi-weekly emails to's customer list.

I was also responsible for designing, merchandising, content, scheduling and sending of the emails. With the help of the Marketing Team, we established an email send calendar that adhered to our internal marketing calendar. After 12 months of handling the program I had more than doubled the contact send list and total revenue.


Reestablish & improve email marketing program

  • Skills

    Code, design, testing, merchandising, planning, email list management, analyze email KPI, reporting

  • Client

  • Software

    Photoshop, Visual Studio Code, Excel, Litmus, Listrak, HubSpot, Google Analytics